Citrus – Good Inside and Out

I love oranges and pink grapefruit.  If I had a grapefruit or Orange tree I would make fresh juice with it every day while it is in season.   This fruit is always good on a hot day because of it’s juice and is used in many salad dishes.  Citrus fruit is rich in vitamin C which helps fight cell and tissue damage to help prevent disease.  Citrus fruit has many other benefits as well. 

There are many ways to use the rinds of citrus.  The rind is used in cooking, especially good in frostings.  Is is also dried and sold to eat like candy.  Research what you eat. see Yellow Dragon attacks USA.

I always save the peels (rinds) from grapeftuit and oranges and throw them in my bathtub.  I let them soak in hot water awhile before I get into the tub with them because the natural oils from the rinds are nourishing for your skin and the odor is refreshing.  I rub the orange rinds all over my body and I found that if I rub the orange rinds on my feet, old skin just rubs right off.  If I’m not ready for a bath I drop them in water in a jar and set it in the sun until I’m ready for a bath.  Refridgerate if you are not going to use it within a couple of days or it may sour. 

Citrus is also used as a bug repellent in ointments, creams, sprays and in candles to burn.


Skin Eats

I like to keep my skin as young looking as I can for as long as I can naturally – if I can. So far some how I guess from years of interest in staying healthy or maybe it’s hereditary because my mom was older than she looked also and I favor my mom in looks tremedously according to my family members. I have managed to stay looking younger than I am. Considering I haven’t really used very many over the counter skin care products mostly because they are too expensive for me. Now-a-days with much extensive knowledge there are lots of good youth keeping skin care products on the market. Again here I think our diet has a lot to do with how our skin looks and feels. Take a look here for skin care at the “Easy Quick Dinner – Unproccessed” dinner containing chicken and here  You can certainly see from the wisegeek site that what we eat can really effect how we look as well as how we feel. It’s a very interesting site full of useful knowledge.

Hello world!

Welcome to  Enjoy this blog.  Create one of your own.  You can just toss all your thoughts and or ideas in your blog and who knows what you will end up creating.  Don’t worry about what’s in here or how it looks or sounds.  Just be yourself.  Freedom of thought always feels refreshing to me.  Some people get rich off their thoughts.  Maybe you’ll be one of the lucky ones.

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